Fudgy Teacher Gift

Ok... I totally planned on making caramel popcorn and then using my popcorn tag from years before, but...  LIFE happened!  (How rude.) I DID happen to have a plethora of fudge!  You see... Fudge is one of my husbands favorite treats at Christmas.  Every year I plan on making ONE modest batch of ooey gooey

Harry Potter Potion Bottle Ornaments

Original post form 2015! This will be our third year running with a Harry Potter Christmas tree!  There have been suggestions for other themes (gasp) but we haven't made the switch yet.  We love out tree! And we love these ornaments! Two years ago the kids and I went to and after Christmas ornament sale.

Eyeball Crafts

They recently built a Dollar Tree up the street from where I live and....  I have never spent so many dollars!  Really, that place is a trap!  Most the stuff is junk, but you can find some fantastic deals there! This today we are talking about.... EYEBALLS! I originally bought these to place in the

Melting Witch Cupcakes

  Well, Aurora caught the baking bug again!  This time she made melted witches!  She loved making these!  Probably because it was pretty messy.  LOL She started by pulled all of the above things from the cabinet!  Rainbow chip is always a hit.  She said it made her thing of warts.  LOL  She did dye