Eyeball Crafts

They recently built a Dollar Tree up the street from where I live and….  I have never spent so many dollars!  Really, that place is a trap!  Most the stuff is junk, but you can find some fantastic deals there!

This today we are talking about…. EYEBALLS! I originally bought these to place in the center of flowers for Halloween.   The purple flowers of which I also purchased at the dollar store.  Then I go to thinking about all the different things I could do while decorating with Eyeballs!   I used them in a Halloween Minute to Win It Game!  And then I decided I could really get creative!

As you can see to start I just hot glued them to the center of cheap flowers.  Since they were from the dollar store and pretty thin…  The eyeballs improved them greatly!

See!  These flowers are on the piano.  I told the kids I could now watch them play from whatever room I am in!  (Cause I am a creepy mom.)

To make it even creepier I drilled holes with so sharp scissors into the backs of the eyeballs and tipped out moose rack with them!  Mr. Moose hands above our piano also.

But I didn’t stop there!  Eyeballs now adorn our wreath before the kids walk in the door from school!

And even before that there are some out in the bushes of our front porch!  I told the kids that moms have eyes everywhere and I meant it!  

Then I just decided to have fun.  lol  This guy watches them eat breakfast!


Now that my kids are thoroughly creeped out… I hope you aren’t!  At least not to much.  I encourage you to find some fun eyeball placements in your home!  I assure you that you won’t regret it!

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