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Throwback Thursday!  The 2 year old in this post is now 8 years old! It has been so much fun to revisit the old blog and view what I wrote about my life then!  This post is was one of my top of the old blog…  Hopefully you will enjoy a NEW potty chart as a bonus!

Whilst away on vacation I decided to try potty training my supremely stubborn 2 year old.  He is a very black and white child.  He will either do something or he won’t.  There is no bribing, distracting, pleading with him to do something.  He just knows what he wants and likes!  It is nice in some ways and… a little frustrating in others.  He has his own style for everything.

Anyways…  My daughter is almost 8 and has a wonderful tinkling at night issue that I wanted to take care of before working with him.  (YEAH for finally finding her help with that!)  So while at Grandma’s house and lounging about I decided to do the whole Potty Party and let him drink whatever and use the potty… apparently WHEREVER!  Yeah…  he was not a fan.  No matter that he got candy every stinking time.  No matter that he could.  By lunch time he would sit on the potty, scream and cry, say that his “bum not working”!  Then I would get him off, he would walk into the hall and proceed to pee on the lovely carpet!   I hate potty training.  I know “they all say” to push through and keep going, but…  I know this kid.  He wasn’t ready and I didn’t want him to keep peeing on my mom’s carpet and couch and porch and… you get the picture.

Fast forward one week.  We are home.  He is in his diaper and says, “Mommy!  I need to tinkle!  Take me potty!”  Then on the potty, “Can I wear underwear  please please please.”  Yeah…  it’s been 5 days. He has had a few accidents, but mostly uses the potty!  He has even been dry during nap and bedtime! It just had to be his idea.

Even so he still needs a little encouragement to remember to go while he is playing.  And… when he is playing he WANTS TO PLAY!  So I created the potty chart below!

 While we eat pretty healthy at our house but this little one seems to have learned the value of candy more than my other two!  The idea is if he sits on the potty and goes (which is every single time… I swear he stores it somewhere else…) he gets to put a sticker on the chart!  When he gets to the candy he can pick one from our stash!  At the end he gets the all coveted Ice Cream!  Very exciting!

I made a girl one too! Just cause I love you guys!

The fonts I used to crate the chart are super fun right?  I used Purple Boxes, Pea Jelene’s Doodles and Pea Jillybean’s Doodles all by KevinandAmanda.  I seriously love their site.


I made one blank so you can have your little one color it!

And one with colored outlines just to give it a tiny pop of color!

To download the BOY CHART CLICK HERE!

To download the GIRL CHART CLICK HERE!

To download the BLANK CHART click here!

To download the COLOR CHART click here!







  1. All I’m getting with the download links is a 404 error on the blank and color chart.

    1. Ok! They are fixed! Not sure how they got messed up but… they are fixed now! Thank you of letting me know!

  2. Tried downloading the girl chart (and the boy one in case it was a fluke) and both downloaded only a .dms file that wouldn’t open. Any chance I could still get the girl one for download? Thanks!

    1. Checking with my tech guy now! Not sure why it isn’t working for you! It worked for me when I checked. Let me try a few things.

      1. Ok! I think I have it fixed now!

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