Inside Scoop

Q: How did this start? 
A: Back in 2010 I was the mother of 3 tiny children and felt the… tug of motherhood isolation that nobody mentions when you start a family.  I felt like I did things all day but at the end of the day nothing was done!  My mother in law suggested I write down the things I did, even if that was doing the dishes.  Lets just say that evolved quickly and by February Sherbert Cafe was born!
Q:What is Sherbert Cafe?
A: The Cafe is a way for me to sprinkle my sweet ideas around the world! It is a way for me to record my crafting endeavors and thoughts on life. I have found I FEEL more productive when I write things down, inspired even to try and do more for those around me.  This is sorta like a mega online journal.  I don’t know if anyone else WILL use my ideas, but… If I can help ONE person, then this all will have been worth it!

Q:Why call it Sherbert Cafe? 
A: While at college I was dating this dude, Scott, and was helping him move some boxes. I noticed they were labeled, “S. Herbert” and teased him about it.  (Right… I am so clever that he had NEVER heard that one before!)  Just so happens that my middle initial is S. And little did I know that not too far in the future would I be Mrs. Jessica S. Herbert!

Q: What can can you expect to see on Sherbert Cafe? 
A:  I am simply not able to focus on one specific craft or hobby.  My posts will most likely revolve around whatever I am into at the moment.  Most of my crafting seems to come from the “need” to use up, re-do or create something for someone at some point in time.

Q: What can I do with Sherbert Cafe ideas? 
A: Whatever you want! Feel free to download attachments and edit to your hearts delight! I will give credit where credit is due and I only ask that you’ll do that too!

Q: Can I guest post on SherbertCafe? 
A: I would also LOVE to showcase you talents! Do you have a blog or an Etsy shop? Contact to do a guest post, become a sponsor or host a giveaway!

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