Fudgy Teacher Gift

Ok... I totally planned on making caramel popcorn and then using my popcorn tag from years before, but...  LIFE happened!  (How rude.) I DID happen to have a plethora of fudge!  You see... Fudge is one of my husbands favorite treats at Christmas.  Every year I plan on making ONE modest batch of ooey gooey

Planner Prep 2018

Ok my beautiful people!  The planner is almost ready!  I am just finishing up a few simple pieces, but... those tiny details always seem to take the longest... lol  So while you wait I thought I would share how I put together and print my planners! Pictured below are a few of the things that


Throwback Thursday today was originally posted in 2010!  Fall weather calls for yummy casseroles.  This little thing helped me learn to flavor and use what I had on hand!  Comes in handy still when I haven't been grocery shopping in a while...  lol  I don't really use the print out any more, but I did