Fox Paper Piecing Pattern

So after I tried my hand at a crazy airplane paper pieced project I decided to try creating my own pattern!  A little scary…  But…  I seriously love it!  I can’t wait to put these squares into a quilt!  Even more… I can’t wait to see what other people do with them!  I know it is simple, but it I feel like this was a huge leap for me!  Creatively… I have never created a pattern before!  It was fun!

Here is the FIRST pattern!  I made him and then decided I wanted to switch it up a little bit.  But THIS is the first pattern.  I have called him the MODERN fox!  With a more blocky style his face fits into the more straight lined look that many are going for lately.  I LOVE the ears.  I like how it adds a pop to his head.  lol  Originally the pink are wasn’t there but… it is now!  I love it.

Here is another view of the Modern Fox.  It adds a whole new level when done in a different color!

Next up is the CLASSIC fox!  I LOVE this one.  I just felt it needed a slightly more “real” look with the angled eyes and nose.

Here he is in another color!  This lighter color of this one shows his pretty angles better.

Here they are together!  They probably took me WAY to long but I am so proud of myself!  This pic sorta shows the difference it the two patterns!   Not a huge difference but…  I know some people prefer different styles!  A whole quilt of each would look so neat! THERE IS a bundle of both patterns on my site as well!  That way you can save a bit if you want both.  It would totally look cool to mix the subtle patterns a bit!

CLICK BELOW to purchase the bundle!

CLICK below for the link to the CLASSIC fox pattern!  See how easy I made it to follow!  AND one sheet printing!   Totally a plus!

Aaaaand same one sheet printing for the MODERN fox pattern!  Click below to purchase THIS pattern!




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