Fantasy General Conference

Ok!  I promise the General Conference printables will slow down now!  But I wanted to pump this one out before we have youth tonight!  I plan on having them fill it out and….  I will think if the reward later.  If you don’t know what General Conference is….CLICK HERE TO LEARN!  If you missed some and watch to watch it…CLICK HERE!  Its awesome.

I know people get all crazy about Fantasy Football but I thought it might be fun to try this out too!  I made it a little more simple than others I have seen.  No multiplers or doublers from choosing certain people.  The points are all clearly listed on the paper!

To start I would head HERE.  They have a nice poster you can print with pics and names of all the General Authorities.

Here is what it looks like done!  See!  Simple. Easy. ONE PAGE! All the rules right there.  Of course… I did whip it up crazy fast so….  If you see any misspelled words… Shoot me an email or IG message or FB message…  LOL  I will get it fixed!

I wanted it to be easy to write on, so it IS one full page with larger text.  I also wanted it small so its three easy columns allow you to fold it into thirds!

CLICK HERE to download the chart!
CLICK HERE for a General Authority poster.

  1. I must say got into this site. I found it to be interesting and loaded with unique points of interest.

  2. Thanks for a great idea! What would warrant penalty or bonus points? Thanks again 🙂

    1. Hello Jennifer! A Penalty is if you get one wrong. They are listed in each section if it’s negative points. And the bonuses are for guessing the 70’s in the last section!

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