Teacher Christmas Gift Tag

Looking for a quick and easy gift for your teachers for Christmas this year?  Look no further than this tag and a simple bag of popcorn!  If you don’t have access to an amazing Kettle Corn maker, then buy a bag from the store or…  make them a simple basket with microwave popcorn bags and maybe some toppings!  These were a hit in 2015 and…  This year they will be a hit with my homemade Caramel Corn too!

This year we purchased some YUMMY popcorn from a friend as our teacher gifts for Christmas.

OK…  I am telling a lie.  It’s not yummy its…  So sinful it’s probably a drug cause you can’t stop eating good!  Seriously.  There are kids here who take an early morning bible study class called seminary.  One kid asked, “What does gluttony mean?”  Another kid shouted out, “King of the Hill Kettle Corn!”  Apparently the ratting out of their parents EATING the teacher gifts they purchased then commenced.  LOL

King of the Hill Kettle Corn is really only available locally here in the Minot, North Dakota area.  (They have since moved to Louisiana!) Mostly on base since they are also a military family.  They even deliver on base for FREE on a popping day!  Email them at kingofthehillkettlecorn@gmail.com

This time of the year they offered smaller bags of popcorn as gifts.  A usual bag is about twice this size! They all came with a gift tag and a bow, but… I couldn’t resist making my own silly tag to go along with.  I used mine to give to our teachers and teacher friends, but I created the tag to be generic enough that it could go as a neighbor gift or a family gift tag too!

Scroll to the bottom for the download.

My daughter thought I was hilarious… “CORN” we tell you?  “Corn” WE!  I was doomed the rest of the evening.

“CORN we eat dinner now mommy?”

“Yes sweetheart.  We CORN!”

I let my 9 year old son help cut out the tags so they aren’t perfect but, trust me… the popcorn is good enough!!!  Plus, I like letting my kids help with stuff like this, because they won’t remember the cute tag.  Kids remember time with mom!

I know the presentation isn’t exactly Pinterest Perfect worthy.  I probably should have used a fancy bow or something.  But, I ended up printing these and sending them out the door with the kids about 10 minutes before the bus was due to arrive.  Nobody will care about a cheap bow once they eat the popcorn.

Did I mention it’s good?  Ha ha.

Also… just to prove I took pictures and sent them out the door that fast… Here is the other half of the table where I prepped the tags and took pictures!  Don’t you hate it when blogs only have perfect pictures of their perfect house.  Trust me.  My “life” is just outside the cropped edge!  LOL

To download my printable tag CLICK HERE!



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