Fudgy Teacher Gift

Ok… I totally planned on making caramel popcorn and then using my popcorn tag from years before, but…  LIFE happened!  (How rude.)

I DID happen to have a plethora of fudge!  You see… Fudge is one of my husbands favorite treats at Christmas.  Every year I plan on making ONE modest batch of ooey gooey fudge.  And every year I ‘fudge’ up the first batch.  I always also forget that the recipe my mother in law gave me is actually a double batch.  So long story short I have FOUR batches of fudge.  Two perfect  and two pretty close to perfect, yet still delicious batches of fudge.

So this left me with fudge as a teacher gift!  And when Pinterest failed me on a gift tag that didn’t meet my needs, I went to bed to sleep on the idea.  Yes, I was that close to the deadline.  lol  Tomorrow is my kiddos last day of school before their Christmas break.  So here are the tags I whipped up THIS MORNING!  I had the kids cut them out as a wrapped and tied the fudge with saran wrap!  They signed the backs and were out the door!

CLICK HERE to download the tag!

SIDENOTE: It does help that my kids are weirdos who wake up WAY before they need too.  Like..  two of my kids don’t have to be to the bus stop until 7:20 and they both wake up at 5:30.  Then they have time to watch cartoons AND practice piano!  Yep…  weirdos.   lol  But it gave me plenty of time to throw these together!

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