Planner Prep 2018

Ok my beautiful people!  The planner is almost ready!  I am just finishing up a few simple pieces, but… those tiny details always seem to take the longest… lol  So while you wait I thought I would share how I put together and print my planners!

Pictured below are a few of the things that I use.  Please know that these are all suggestions and what has worked for me over the course of printable planner years.  You are free to simply print and bind at Staples!  These are just a few things I used to take my planner to more of a customized place for myself.   So be prepared to prep your planner Sherbet Style step by step!

  1. Seek some inspiration from your old planner!   What to you love about it?  What do you hate?  I love that mine has an elastic strap to keep it closed in my purse!  THIS was on sale for a while but I decided against it just because I love my elastic strap that is attached to mine! But… another thing I LOVE is that a disc bound planner gives me the option of switching!  So no pressure to choose the perfect cover right away!
  2. GOOD PRINTING PAPER!  I like heavier paper.  I don’t want my black printed lines to show through!  I like to use 24b HP Printing paper  I do have an HP printer, but I used this when I had an epson too!  THIS PAPER will work for either laser or an ink jet!  I will admit that use cheaper paper for most everything else, but I use the good stuff for my planner!  CLICK HERE to add it to your amazon cart.
  3. Discbinding Hole Punch  There are several punches out there.  Some are easier but…  I use THIS ONE that I purchased on amazon for $19.00.  You can only punch about 2-4 sheets at a time, but…  I usually just put on a movie with my husband and punch away.  They do make ones that punch more pages at once but…  I just decided to go the cheaper route since I am only using this once a year!  CLICK HERE to add this punch to your cart!
  4. Binding Discs  My smaller black ones were originally from an Arc System journal I found at Staples on sale!  The whole journal cost $3!  I was so excited.  lol  Luckily the smaller rings lasted me quite a while, but this year I would like to add a bit more to my planner.  (Budget tracker, maybe a blog planner…)  lol  So this year I purchased some beautiful 1.75 inch gold rings for the Create 365 Happy Planner!  That should cover me.  lol  I may need a new purse to go with my larger planner, but….  its all about the planner right!  CLICK HERE to find the rings!
  5. Good Pens/Markers I am a bit of a snob when it comes to writing utensils.  My daughter had some Paper Mate Flair pens that I love as a less expensive way to brighten your planner.  My MOST favorite have been my Staedtler fineliners! They are a little more in price, but they have many more color options and the tips are a little more hardy.  I don’t feel like I have to be super careful with the tips when I write. CLICK HERE for the Flair pens and CLICK HERE for the Staedtlers.

6. File Tabs I will admit that I mostly bought these because they look so pretty in their little case.  lol  But these are just a simple way to divide up the sections in my planner.  I thought about creating my own actual files from some plastic folders, but…  I still have several of these left over from last year and the held up just fine!  So…  I am going to reuse!  I will add some scotch tape to the ends of them just to stop the puffing of the edge of the paper, but…  even that wasn’t to bad really!  CLICK HERE to find the tabs!

Please remember that these are just things that I like!  But part of the great thing about printing your own planner is that you can customize it to what YOU need!  If anyone has any questions just post a comment!  In past years I have just taken them to Staples and had them bound but….  I like the discs because I can move stuff around if I need too!

Also, the ONE THING I couldn’t really add to the picture was HP Instant Ink Program but….  I will post about that later!   Good luck!  If you get all your stuff ready you will be ready for the planner by Friday!  (Cause… its the holidays and deliveries seem to get slow)

Happy Planning Ya’ll!






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