Halloween Minute to Win It Youth Activity

Our Bishop (leader of our local church group) asked our youth group to do a service project cleaning the kitchen at our church building.  The ward (local) members usually volunteer to clean the building every weekend, but the kitchen is a big task and often it just gets dusted.  Actual cooking isn’t allowed in the kitchen, it is used mostly to warm things and serve them.  But it still needed a good deep clean.  Since just cleaning isn’t a super fun activity I decided we should play some fun games after we were done!

Minute to Win It games are perfect for after a service project like this.  We were able to spend a majority of the time cleaning and then play a few games at the end!  Since it was so close to Halloween I figured I could try and make them Halloween theme.

To start I had the kids group up into two teams.  I like ones that involve team work as it helps to create more of of a friendly bond.

  1. Floating Eyes

For this game I used a small table and line up two rows of cups.  Its hard to tell in the picture above, but every cup is filled mostly to the rim with water.   A light ball was them set in the first cup.  I had the kids line up behind the rows of cups and the first in line had to blow the ball across into the next cup.    Then they go the end of the line and its the next persons turn!  The winner was whoever got the furtherest in one minute!  To keep this idea Halloweeny I used a floaty eyeball from a pack of 10 I got at the dollar store!

2. Frankenstein Walk

For this one I had the teams split up and half went to the opposite side of the gym.  Each team had a yard stick and the person who started off had to put their hands out like Frankenstein with the yardstick across.  I had them balance spiders at each end and if they fell off the had to get everything rearranged before moving on.  When they got to the opposite side of the gym they carefully traded off with a team mate, who then walked back across the gym.  The kids went back and forth until a minute was up and whichever team got the furthest was the winner.

3. Dirty Face

This one I have seen done with Oreos, but… my kids devoured my pack of oreos!  LOL  So, for this I used pieces of chocolate bars (I called them tombstones.)  The idea is to place the chocolate on your forehead and you have to get it into your mouth without using your hands.  Hilarious to watch! I would defiantly recommend cookies for the first game.  The chocolate was ok, but cookies would slide down the face better.  And let them do this more than once.  Its so funny to watch and they kinda get the hand of it after two.

4. Are You My Mummy?

For this I handed each team a couple rolls of toilet paper.  The idea was to cover as much of their chosen team mates body in one minute as possible!  This one was so funny to watch.

5. Pirate Treasure

This one I have seen  with M&Ms!  But we did jewels, because I had them.  lol  I set all the jewels at one end of the table and they had to suck through the straws to get the jewels to stick.  Then the ran to the other end of the table and the team who could get the most jewels into the bowl there was the winner!

Judging by the giggles, the kids had a blast.   We had plenty of time to do all the games again because they only last a minute each!  This would deb fun for any group.  I think they would be perfect for a family reunion or a class party at a school!  Hope you enjoy!


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