Halloween Rocks (Updated)

Throwback Thursday!  This was fun for a few years!  But, being a military family we decided that these rocks were to large to move to a new home.  LOL  Once we are in a more permanent location we may use bigger rocks again!  But for now, check below this for our updated idea!  Also, we did end up repainting the for halloween three years in a row!  They just got moved to the backyard during most of the year.

Ok… this is an easy cheesy craft that we have done for three years. It started cause our kids were way to little to carve a pumpkin and we wanted them to have something to do while we carved!

All I did was drive around and find some large rocks. I didn’t want them perfect. I wanted them to have character so they would look different every year. Make sure you wash them well.

We let them paint a nice layer of orange on them one night and the next we let them paint “faces”. I say “faces” because so far they paint a face and get so excited about painting they keep going until it’s covered.

Our original plan was to paint them like turkey’s at Thanksgiving, Santa or Christmas ornaments, Easter eggs…. So far we are almost to easter and our pumpkins are still outside! lol

AND NOW FOR THE UPDATE!  As you can see below we now use much smaller rocks!  These always seem to travel to the bathroom for Halloween Decoration.  And now we do Ghosts and Monsters.  lol  But we add a few more to our Halloween rock collection each year!  Much more easily moved around than the giant big ones.  lol

See what I mean!  Every time I go in the kids bathroom they are rearranged!  Probably has a lot to do with the fact that it’s always one kids weekly chore to clean the top of the bathroom counter after school everyday.  Hey…. Whatever makes chores a little more fun right!

Hope you enjoyed!  We should start hiding these around the neighborhood right!


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