Melting Witch Cupcakes


Well, Aurora caught the baking bug again!  This time she made melted witches!  She loved making these!  Probably because it was pretty messy.  LOL

She started by pulled all of the above things from the cabinet!  Rainbow chip is always a hit.  She said it made her thing of warts.  LOL  She did dye the batter green too!

After baking the green warty cupcakes, she set them aside to cool!  While cooling she color 3/4 of the frosting in the can this greenish color and about 1/4 of it a darker purple.  The green she frosted on the tops of the cupcakes, covering the whole top. 

The purple was blobbed on the top.  Notice how the blobs are not precise?  I feel like this is the part is key!  Messy blobs.  Pretend like you are 12 and are just having fun.

The she took the pointy part of a knife and squiggled the purple around the cupcake.  I admit I had to jump in on this part.  It was to fun. 

Then half of an oreo was placed over the middle of the purple “hair”.  Notice how some of them are to the side.  We tried to not cover up to much of the purple.  

Then a hershey kiss was plopped on top!  Held in place by some green leftover frosting!  

I think they turned out amazing!

But not to amazing to eat!  lol  So proud of my baby girl!  She can stop growing now.  I am totally fine with that.

Hope you enjoy!  Let us know with a comment if you try our her cupcakes!  She would be THRILLED!


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