Harry Potter Potion Bottle Ornaments

Original post form 2015! This will be our third year running with a Harry Potter Christmas tree!  There have been suggestions for other themes (gasp) but we haven’t made the switch yet.  We love out tree! And we love these ornaments!

Two years ago the kids and I went to and after Christmas ornament sale.  Most of the ornaments we have are… not matchy things that I found at random sales through out several years… or gifts… or stuff my kids made at school.  I thought it was time to primp our ornaments a bit.  We decided our tree needed a solid theme.  My son saw a ton of red and gold ornaments.

“Mom!  These are Gryffindor Ornaments!  We should have a Harry Potter Christmas Tree!”  Well… I am NOT saying no to that!

Soon after we had a slew of fairies, glittery reindeer (patronus), and several sparkly red and gold ornaments.  But of course this isn’t enough for a Harry Tree.  (LOL  Harry Tree.)

Of course, military being what it is, we were not home for the entire month of December last year.  That just gave us another year to collect!  I also created a Pinterest board for a Very Harry Christmas.

To start off my DIY ornaments, I ordered two packs of tiny little glass bottles.  These are obviously MEANT for potions!

For the labels I downloaded some off Pinterest  and shrunk them to fit my bottles.  There are so many on there!  Just find some that fit your bottles!   I used E6000 glue to stick them to the outside.  Probably WAY more than they needed, but… it’s what I had!  I didn’t want the gloopiness of hot glue.

Wondering how I got the different colors inside?  I happen to have a ridiculous collection of nail polish.  For some I poured several drops of different colors inside the bottle and then swirled the paint around.

Others I picked just one color and dropped it in.  The tiny brown bottles seemed perfect for nasty poly juice potion, don’t you think?

I actually did put some clear polish in the veritaserum bottle hoping to give it a more liquid look.  Could have left that one alone!  Skele-Gro and white polish.  Bubotuber Puss – Yes, I do have a color of polish that weird.

Elixir of Life – Blue and silver sparkles!

The Gillyweed is VERY thing strips of fabric.

The Bezoars were the hardest since all the bottles had tiny little necks.  I had the hard marshmallow things for baking.  Sort of like the ones you find in cereal.  I colored them with brown marker and a wood staining pen.

Liquid Luck- Gold glitter polish!

This next part is really what I wanted to show you.  I saw a few where they stuck the ribbons or hangers right into the cork.  Personally… I let my kids decorate our tree and I didn’t want the cork to get pulled out and ruined from the middle.

I used some very thin twin and hot glue to start.

I placed a dab of hot glue to the rim of the bottle.

The next step was hard to show.  I placed the strings on the glue and shoved the cork back in.

TADA!  Done with one.

The others had such tiny little bottles I only put one on each end of a string.

This makes them easier for handing on the tree right?

I LOVE how they turned out.  I can’t wait to put them on our tree!

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