Melting Witch Cupcakes

  Well, Aurora caught the baking bug again!  This time she made melted witches!  She loved making these!  Probably because it was pretty messy.  LOL She started by pulled all of the above things from the cabinet!  Rainbow chip is always a hit.  She said it made her thing of warts.  LOL  She did dye

Easy Skull Cupcakes 2 Ways

Throwback Thursday!  These were so much fun!  But, they do require a lot of random toppings.  When my daughter wanted to decorate cupcakes for National Cake Decorating Day I suggested she come up with something more simple!  First up is my old post from 2010!  Seriously doesn't seem that long ago.  Then its on to

Mason Jar Pumpkins

Everyone loves an easy simple Mason Jar craft right?  If anything everyone likes a cheap decoration!  I happened to already have this laying around from some homemade Fireweed Jelly!  The rest was also stuff I found around the house.  I take pride in bringing life to the saying "Use it up, wear it out, make

Loki Quilt

Throwback Tuesday?  LOL  This quilt is one of my FAVORITES I have ever done!  My only regret is that it was a last minute sew and was done RIGHT on time so... I didn't get many pictures.  Sadness.  It's really a pretty simple quilt. And... It was the beginning of a free motion machine quilting