Mason Jar Pumpkins

Everyone loves an easy simple Mason Jar craft right?  If anything everyone likes a cheap decoration!  I happened to already have this laying around from some homemade Fireweed Jelly!  The rest was also stuff I found around the house.  I take pride in bringing life to the saying “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without!”  That being said…  Even if you do need to buy every bit of supply for these, it shouldn’t be to expensive.  The most expensive part is the Jars!  Try saving your spaghetti or salsa jars!  Mini ones with baby food jars would be super cute too!

  • Mason Jars (or whatever jars you have.)
  • Orange and brown paint
  • ModPodge (or Elmers)
  • Black Vinyl (Or a sharpie!)
  • White bakers twine (Optional)


  1. I mixed up my orange and my brown to create three different pumpkin shades. I didn’t have a brown so I used a bronze.  I painted each jar orange and the rim with my bronze, letting each dry completely, before moving on.
  2. I then coated each with a nice layer of ModPodge.  You can use elmer’s glue too, but I find it last longer with ModPodge!  Even longer if you have some spray shellac!  But I didn’t, so I just be sure to pack these nicely every year.
  3. I did use my Silhouette to cut out some pumpkin faces.  But you can always free hand with scissors!  Pumpkin faces are pretty easy!  If you draw faces on with sharpie I would draw them BEFORE step 2!
  4. Tie some white bakers twine around the rim to give it a cute touch!  I set my bow on the opposite side of the pumpkin face… I will tell you why below.  If you don’t have twine then use ribbon or leftover fabric or… a cut up old flour sack towel?  Anything can work!

I LOVE looking at the insides.  LOL  From the outside you can’t see the brush strokes as much and honestly… I like the dimension that it can give.  I originally had some battery operated tea lights on the inside, but… I always forgot to turn them off!  And they were the cheap kind so they died.  LOL  No tea lights means a little less work!

Here is the opposite side!  Being military, we move a lot.  That being said I try to find ways to make my decorations easier to move or simply them in some way.  One great way is to make everything double sided!  So, a lot of my Halloween decorations just need to be flipped over for Thanksgiving!  And since there isn’t a lot of time between that and Christmas I feel like its easier to switch holidays when all I have to do is flip something over!

I love the simplicity of the tiny little bow!  To take away from the orange I just add some reddish flowers and leaves inside the jars!  Easy enough to make and easy to switch between Halloween and Thanksgiving!  Let me know how you make switching between holidays easier!

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