School Safe Spider Snacks

Freaky Friday?  I figured that friday the 13th was a great time for a freaky yummy snack!  This post is brought to you from the 2010!  My middle schooler was in Kindergarten!  It was a fun challenge to follow the school rules and still come up with fun treats.  I have actually made these many times for my kids classrooms!  Usually I try to find the chocolate candies covered with eyeball foil.  But these work out just fine in a pinch!

In my daughter’s new Kindergarten class, the parents all take turns bringing in the snack for the day! I was fine with this. In the previous class I had just assumed that the school supplied the snacks, but apparently the teacher was doing this to be nice! I like doing the treats. Even if you bring in somethings simple like fruit snacks and graham crackers, I like it when teachers involve parents! Even if we aren’t in the class…!

Soo… here is what Aurora and I came up with. I ended up doing most of the work. Normally I would have her help me the whole way through, but… we had a busy few days and I only ever got the chance to work on them when she needed to be in bed! She did help me with the tester!

To start out.. you will need these items! I tried to find the chocolate balls covered with eyeball paper, but I couldn’t find them and the pumpkins were CHEAP! lol The school has a rule that the food can’t be prepared at home. It MUST be wrapped and store bought for safety reasons.

Also… you will be happy to know that the yarn and ZOTS came from my personal stash so I feel like I can still claim my goal of Project Pickens: No craft supplies bought ’til Christmas!

I started by cutting several pieces of yarn… Nope… I didn’t measure. I was watching a movie at the same time! (Fringe: Season 1!) Now… in this picture I tied the middle almost at center… For the rest of them I made the “cross hairs” more towards the front so they would balance better when hanging.

I then cut black pipe cleaners in half. I tried giving it 8 legs, but ended up going with just 6. Just was to cluttered.

I then used ZOTS (I actually call them Boogers. It’s… more fun?). I found the part of the pumpkin that had the least “face” print and made sure it was facing front. I used 1 Booger in the middle to stick ’em together and then 2 boogers to stick ’em to the Fudge Round.

Last step I bent my pipe cleaners and used a permanent marker to draw the pupil of the eyes!

Cute right! The kids loved ’em! Aurora was so excited to take them. I finished them the day before and she was BEGGING to take them that day. Had to wait our turn though!

A few substitute ideas:

Eyes: Use google eyes.

Legs: Individually wrapped black licorice… or red!

Body: There are many options here. I wanted to use these yummy looking muffins we found. They were a little more pricey, but… healthier. She, of course, wanted the chocolate. I justified it in my head that it would be easier for the teacher cause the muffins were all different! lol






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