Fudgy Teacher Gift

Ok... I totally planned on making caramel popcorn and then using my popcorn tag from years before, but...  LIFE happened!  (How rude.) I DID happen to have a plethora of fudge!  You see... Fudge is one of my husbands favorite treats at Christmas.  Every year I plan on making ONE modest batch of ooey gooey

Planner Prep 2018

Ok my beautiful people!  The planner is almost ready!  I am just finishing up a few simple pieces, but... those tiny details always seem to take the longest... lol  So while you wait I thought I would share how I put together and print my planners! Pictured below are a few of the things that

Harry Potter Potion Bottle Ornaments

Original post form 2015! This will be our third year running with a Harry Potter Christmas tree!  There have been suggestions for other themes (gasp) but we haven't made the switch yet.  We love out tree! And we love these ornaments! Two years ago the kids and I went to and after Christmas ornament sale.