Young Women 10 Hour Project

Throwback Monday?!
I originally planned to move my old posts on Thursday, but with General Conference right around the corner, I figured I could squeeze a few more in.  This post was originally posted on the old site on Sept 15, 2012!  I hate to get rid of the original wording.  Its fun to go back and revive my old posts, reading about my life as I try to decide what to bring back next.

Young Women Leaders… this one is for you!

First off… A little background if you aren’t LDS, aka Mormon.  Our leaders and teachers are NOT paid.  They are “called”.  They all have other jobs to earn income.  ALL leaders in our church do so on a voluntary basis.

My mom recently was called as Young Women’s President in her ward.  She will be awesome, but was a little freaked.  I so lovingly told her President was the best calling because she could delegate everything out!  I got another call a few minutes later asking me to create a printable Book of Mormon Chart for her!  She is still taking my advice and since I have been her to visit I have helped her with 2 other projects.  Right now I will show you one!

As a Young Women in our church have projects they work on with certain values as a theme.  Knowledge, Choice and Accountability, Divine Nature, Virtue, Integrity, Faith, Individual Worth, and Good Works are the goals they keep in mind.  They are all asked to complete one 10 hour project with one of those goals in mind.

This packet is focused to help Young Women use the upcoming General Conference to complete their 10 project!  What an easier way to do that then to incorporate something you will be participating anyways.

Here is the Title Page!

Instruction Page

 Before and After Notes

Talk Notes pages!

Print all the pages single and then the last page you could print front to back on about 9 sheets of paper!  There are about 8 speakers per session.  There are 4 sessions of conference.  So your should have plenty for the girls then.

My moms plan is to print out pages for each girl and give it to them in a folder.  They can decorate that night at the activity AND count the hours toward their project.  Then she will go over the project instructions and kinda help guide them to a start!

Hope someone else can use this beside my momma!


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