Kids Checklist

Everyone tries every method of chaos control they can to stem the tide of crazy that is before and after school rush. And lets face it, they rarely work.  We have to face the fact that sometimes crazy is just that… CRAZY!  The rushing to put on shoes, the forgetting of the saxophone, the missing the bus.  My stress time is AFTER school!  The throwing of the backpacks of the floor…  The instant mess my house becomes after I just spent all day cleaning it!!!  ENTER CHECKLIST!

This will probably not solve all of your problems, but our child led mornings have made a huge difference in MY sanity.  A mom’s sanity can be the key to a good or bad day for everyone!

You can put these into use however you want but below is an example of how I did it!

I printed my morning and afternoon on separate pieces of paper and glued them to heavy cardstock.  I then laminated them!  (You can always slip them into a page protector.  I then used a VERY high tech method to hang them that may be hard to recreate. (Sarcasm….)  I attached bakers twine by punching a hole in each corner and tying it in a knot.  I then used…. PACKING TAPE to hang them up.  I intend on getting 3M hangers but, I have been to the store 5 times and have yet to remember to put them in may cart!  Despite them being on my stupid list.  LOL

I chose to hang ours inside the pantry door.  Its a semi central location where they can be hidden during the day.  I keep a jar of Expo markers in the pantry for their use!  They wipe them down at the end of the week! or…  Monday morning when they realized they haven’t done that yet…  lol

I created several looks.  I originally had four, but the Whovian of the house asked for a Dalek font one.  lol   Each download has a morning and afternoon list.  My favorite part is the weekly chore!  I don’t pay my kids for chores, but I do feel like this and the “pick up your age” part help to minimize the after school tornado!

Click the pictures below for links to the downloads!  Enjoy!  And good luck with your personal chaos!


Let me know if you have any questions!  Hope you enjoy!







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