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Full Disclosure: This post is sponsored by  They contacted me to provide a free printable for you but…  All opinions expressed are truly my own!

OK.  If you are a mom you have probably searched the web or wracked your brain to find something to occupy your kids during the holidays, or the long school weekends!  Have you scoured Pinterest and Googled enough?  LOL  We discovered and used while homeschooling several years ago.  Now we use their worksheets during the summer or on road trips!  Cause… I am the mean mom who makes my kids do homework when there isn’t supposed to be homework.  I do try to make it fun though!  I ain’t all bad.  lol

Interested?  Keep reading to see my top reasons to take a peek at

1. FREE Printable Worksheets

Ok… while they do require a membership if you want access to EVERYTHING, they still have a pretty wide selection of free downloads.   And FREE is my favorite!  Their sheets are SUPER handy when planning a road trip or a break from school.  My kids are obsessed with mazes and I have a son who can’t get enough dot to dots!  They make car trips a breeze.  lol  CLICK HERE for the worksheets!

2. Variety

If you are searching for a video, activity, or printable worksheet you can bet your shiny buttons that has good selection of different activities.  They are all in one place and they are easy to find!  My daughter has been searching through their recipes for fun, just to get her creative juices flowing.  My two youngest like watching the videos and my oldest son LOVES looking through the science projects!  He fancies himself a wizard.  lol  There are even digital games!

3. Organization

You can search everything buy grade, holiday, activity type, or lesson subject.  Usually when I go looking for something I knew exactly what I need it to be about.  Usually it’s something different to help back up a concept one of my kids is struggling with in school.  But sometimes I want something silly and fun to go along with the current holiday.  And guess what… I can search that way too!  And then by age so I can easily find something age appropriate for each of my kids!

4. Lesson Plans

Ok.. This is mostly helpful if you are a teacher or a home schooler.  They have guided lessons to help make homeschooling easy and they also have everything labeled with which common core it aligns with so teachers can easily  find something to fit a lesson plan already in place!  Each lesson doesn’t just have worksheets, but is packed with Youtube Videos and PowerPoint slides… You name it! But this is not the best part.  The BEST part about the lesson plans is that they are created by teachers!  By teachers and for teachers!

5. Generator

Still can’t find what you need?  They have a worksheet GENERATOR!  Really.  Just pick reading, math, or create something just for fun!  Seriously… you can’t go wrong with that right?  CLICK HERE to check that out!

Now… Snuggle up with this fall themed maze, which is not only fun but also great at developing fine motor skills and concentration. Get more interactive games and resources for your young learner at!

CLICK HERE for a printable right from them!  Let me know how you like them!



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