2018 Printable Planner (plus a free printable and a surprise!)


It should have been ready over two weeks ago, but…  sick kids, the packing for vacation, the sick ON vacation….  Yeah…  I really tried.  I did.  lol  But it’s here now!

And instead of making you read a TON to see what the surprise is… I shall just tell you!  I opened and ETSY SHOP!!!  Yeah!  Don’t worry.  I will still be offering printable here!  But, I get emails all the time for custom orders and now I have a easy way to do those for you!  So now along with free printables you will be getting a few fancier things offered in the Etsy Shop!  Don’t worry…  All at great prices!

So CLICK HERE to head to the shop and add me as a FAVORITE!  Cause… While there is only one thing in there now… there WILL be more!

Now for the planner!  I promised a free planner printable and you will GET ONE!  But first let me show you the awesome one offered NOW in my new Etsy Shop.

CLICK HERE to head directly to the listing!

The printable include all 12 months and weekly planning pages IN ORDER!  All you have to do is click PRINT!  I like to print mine in 8×10.  So all my pages are formatted to 8.5 x 11 for ease of use for most customers.  If you want a different size it should format easily from your print settings.  Just make sure you select you correct paper size and then select “FIT TO PAGE” on your print settings.  Your wording MAY be a little different for your printer.

All the monthly pages are 2 page spreads.  I have found this leaves PLENTY of space for sorting out your month!  All are numbered and each month has different themed decorations.

The weekly pages are also 2 page spreads, BUT instead of having the days split over two pages with planning spots all around I decided to put the days scheduling pages on one side and a planning spot of the right!  And after many requests I organized the week Monday-Sunday so that weekends are all together.  The shopping list spot is the perfect size for a 3×3 post it note so that after creating your meal plan you can organize your shopping list!

Included is also a title page and…   a note page!  Now you can easily print matching blank pages to plan other things throughout the year!  Amazing right!  I really like it.  It’s my first listing in the new shop!  And…  I am sure there will be bumps along the way.  I am so excited for this new adventure!

CLICK HERE to head off to the full planner!

NOW FOR THE FREE STUFF!  My original intent with my blog was to share the things that I created for my own personal use in hopes that SOMEONE else would need them.  So far everything posted was made because I needed it so I made it.  It didn’t feel right to charge for something that I made for my personal use anyways.  I feel that many people appreciate free.  lol  Ok… everyone.  So, in keeping with that I offer you the freebie below!

This is simple the base line for fancy planner in the Etsy Shop.  You will have to write in your own dates and numbers, but… the good thing about it is that it’s all black and white!  So no use of your color ink.  You can use your own fancy pens to add your own details if you like!  And you can use it year after year!

CLICK HERE for free the monthly!

CLICK HERE for free the weekly!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what other things you may like to see in the shop!  I have a few awesome things in mind, but I would love to hear what you guys need!


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